Using NLP and Hypnosis for Building Rapport: Tag Questions

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Using NLP and Hypnosis for Building Rapport: Tag Questions

Tag questions can be used very successfully as a way of gaining deeper levels of rapport with people around you.  The more nods or yeses you get from a person the more they will be trusting of you and open to your ideas. You should take notice that embedded commands and tag questions work beautifully together. With all the examples below you can see at least one embedded command. If done properly the person receives the command unconsciously and then immediately agrees to the command without knowing. Oh the beauty of NLP and Hypnosis in influence!

Remember, however, this is a collaborative effort and any additional examples you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Leave a comment with any suggestions if you're up to the challenge.

You can watch a film and be completely drawn in by the main person (subtly point to self), can't you?
I love how easy it is to connect with someone, don't you?
You're really good at building rapport with someone you hardly know, aren't you?
You know how it feels when you and the other person (point to self) just click, don't you?
I love the feeling of being relaxed but highly focused on something important (point to self), don't you?
It's strange, I never really noticed how easy it is to build rapport with a complete stranger, haven't you?

As ever, leave any suggestions you'd like me to include in the comments box below.

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